7 Strategies for Enhanced Infection Control in Hospital Cleaning Services

5 Ways to Optimize Aged Care Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping aged care living spaces clean, hygienic and well-maintained is essential for resident health, safety and quality of life. Optimizing cleaning and maintenance routines at aged care homes requires focus in key areas.

Here are 5 effective ways for aged care facilities to improve their cleaning and maintenance programs:

#1 Develop Thorough Daily Schedules

Create detailed daily schedules mapping out cleaning tasks for each area and touchpoint. List all rooms, floors, surfaces, and equipment to clean. Assigning duties and following set schedules eliminates overlooking areas. Post schedules as reminders.

#2 Target High-Touch Areas

Ensure high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, call buttons, bed rails, tray tables, and chairs get cleaned multiple times per day. These items can harbor more germs and require extra disinfecting. Frequent touchpoint cleaning limits spread of pathogens.

#3 Use Color-Coded Cleaning Systems

Use color-coded cloths, mops, and buckets designated only for specific rooms or areas. This prevents inadvertent cross-contamination during cleaning tasks. Assign colors by risk level like red for bathrooms, yellow for common areas. Change cloths frequently.

#4 Review Products and Equipment

Evaluate cleaning agents and equipment regularly. Assess if more effective, eco-friendly disinfectants are available. Determine if equipment like vacuums, carpet cleaners, and floor buffers require upgrading or repairs for optimal performance.

#5 Schedule Deep Cleaning

Designate days monthly or quarterly for comprehensive deep cleaning tasks like pressure washing outdoor areas, steam cleaning carpets, air duct cleaning, waxing floors, and window washing. Schedule these more extensive cleanings in advance as part of the maintenance routine.

Additional Optimization Strategies:

  • Train staff on infection control procedures
  • Work with residents to maintain tidiness
  • Address maintenance issues quickly to prevent worse damage
  • Document cleaning tasks for accountability
  • Inspect areas regularly to identify improvement opportunities

An optimized aged care cleaning and maintenance program incorporates thoroughness, accountability and use of proper tools and disinfectants. Proactive cleaning greatly impacts infection prevention and resident satisfaction.