Hospital Laundry Services in Infection Control

The Integral Role of Hospital Laundry Services in Infection Control

Laundry services at hospitals and healthcare facilities play a critical but often overlooked role in infection prevention and control. With the laundry processing soiled linens, uniforms, gowns, and other items, proper cleaning and sanitation is vital. This helps limit the spread of pathogens between patients, staff, and visitors.

Let’s explore the key functions quality laundry services perform to aid effective infection control in healthcare settings:

Rigorous Cleaning Processes

Hospital laundry utilizes powerful washers, hot water, steam, and detergents to thoroughly clean soiled textiles. Multi-step washing processes help eliminate contaminants. The high heat, chemicals, and agitation remove up to 99% of germs, bacteria, and bio-burdens that may spread infection. Thorough drying also prevents mold and bacterial growth.

Adherence to Hygiene Standards

Reputable hospital laundries adhere to hygiene regulations and standards to prevent spread of pathogens. This includes segregation of clean and soiled items, established cleaning procedures, using proper personal protective equipment, and more. Staying current on industry best practices for laundry hygiene is a must.

Prompt Pick Up and Delivery

Frequently collecting soiled linens from wards and promptly delivering clean items is fundamental. Quick turnaround limits contamination risks from dirty piles accumulating. Likewise, ensuring wards have ample clean supplies enables proper protocols to be followed. Avoiding bottlenecks is key.

Special Washing Programs

Laundries operate special wash programs for highly contaminated items or specific pathogens. This includes tailored chemical concentrations, cycle times, temperatures and rinsing. Isolation gowns and surgery textiles often undergo targeted programs to maximise disinfection.

Quality Assurance Testing

Reputable laundries have quality controls in place to verify cleaning efficacy and standards. Regular testing helps identify if processes require adjustment to maintain proper results. This ensures consistently sanitised laundry.

Pedigree Linen Products

Quality linens like high thread count sheets are recommended to better withstand rigorous hospital washing. Inferior textiles break down faster allowing more pathogen transmission. Laundry services should provide and maintain appropriate linen products.

Staff Education and Training

Ongoing education keeps laundry staff informed on industry advancements related to hygiene and infection prevention. Training in proper practices is part of a continuous improvement model. Knowledge drives better performance.

With extensive expertise in commercial laundry services for healthcare, Holy Cross Laundry understands the indispensable role proper cleaning plays in infection control and patient safety. Our hospital-grade laundry not only delivers exceptional quality results, but upholds the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation to aid the healthcare facilities we serve. Contact us today to learn more about our services.